Am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?

When you are resisting the present moment (moaning, complaining, feelings of negativity, resisting situations, resisting life) you are not only holding yourself back, but you are opposing the natural flow of life. As Bruce Lee said ‘‘be like water’’, don’t fight or resist anything, flow with life. The more you moan and complain that life or the present moment should be anything different than it is, the more you hold yourself right back. The more you flow with life and allow it to be, the more you open up, and become aware of, the infinite possibilities that are available in each and every moment.

As you think, as you breath, as you walk, ask yourself; ‘‘am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?’’

If you are allowing, then enjoy it, milk it, and exaggerate it. Enjoy the feelings of inner peace and inner freedom that come with accepting and allowing the present moment to be.

If there is any resistance or negativity inside of you, then focus only on getting back to that feeling of allowing. Sometimes it can be enough to simply as yourself ‘‘am I resisting this moment, or am I allowing it to be?’’, and in that awareness that yes there is resistance inside of me, opens up the door for you to step into the freedom of allowing. Other times, as you practice the art of allowing, it may take a little more time to gradually soften that resistance, get everything back in perspective, and get back to that good feeling place of allowing. Ask yourself whether what you are resisting is in your control or not. If it is; then do what feels right to resolve it now and then allow it to be. If there is nothing you can do; accept it and allow it to be. Do things you enjoy, go for a walk, meditate, have a nice nap, listen to soothing music, literally anything to get yourself to a more allowing free state of mind.

Remember; the more you resist the present moment- no matter what is happening to you- the more you clog yourself up and hold yourself back. The more you allow, accept and flow with the present moment- the more effortlessly everything falls into place.

So relax and be easy on yourself and the world. There’s nothing you have to do and there’s nothing you have to figure out. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Focus only on allowing the present moment to be and enjoy watching life unfold beautifully in front of your eyes.

Life is supposed to be fun, enjoy it :)

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36 thoughts on “Am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?”

  1. Thank You. I just needed to read this.
    I need to allow something that is growing in my life at present to happen organically instead of over thinking and making negative reasons as to why it wouldn’t work.
    Perfect timing.

    1. Great, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Know that everything will work out for you exactly as it is supposed too. So relax, enjoy imagining what you want as if its real right now, and act when you feel inspired.

  2. Reblogged this on Solving Maria and commented:
    This is an excellent post. For 20+ years, I lived with someone who was never happy in the present moment. He was always looking for the next move to make him happy. To say the least, that didn’t happen.

  3. I was going to write a post about this exact topic…. But you did a heck of a good job with it. I could not have written it better. It is so true! I have also learned that resisting the present moment always brings suffering and pain. Awesome post!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting. Its fascinating isn’t it, and so simple and natural, ‘am I resisting this moment, or am I allowing it to be’…
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Namaste :)

  4. Reblogged this on rutheburke and commented:
    Like this blog from Salty Running, because the same applies in your yoga practice! When you’ve corrected your alignment in a given pose, yet feel that you are still resisting, breathe out. Turn your attention to your breath. Lengthen the exhalation, releasing control as you exhale, give in to the pose, allow it to just be. Honour your body where it is at today; not yesterday, 5 days or years ago. Honour the body that you are working with now, on the mat, in this present moment. Breathe in, feeling gratitude for the ease with which you can take a full unrestricted breath, then breathe out and come out of the pose.

  5. This is all so true. I used to have it.

    But what to do when the moment floods you with so much pain you just have to stop being in the moment and instead freeze yourself, if not you fear going into a psychosis? I have trouble moving on, and I have trouble knowing how to not ruin the possibility of returning to the state you talk of.

    I guess I have to try and give myself some few seconds of it, day by day, and then try and make the moments longer as the days pass, but I know now that there are traumas that can prevent people from entering the flow of the moment, and it really is a luxury when people are allowed to live there.

    I guess I used to think speed of modern life was the enemy – when you move too fast to see the moment. I now know that it is also possible to be too frozen, too blocked, to reach it.

    Anyone who has it, be grateful. It truly is the best life has to offer.

    I am working on a post about this topic, but haven’t finished it yet. It will be posted within some weeks. I just have to understand some more parts of it all first, in order to write about it in a way that gives something to my readers.

    Thank you for bringing joy.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      First of all I’d like to clear up a false premise for you that I think will really help. What you must understand is that this state you talk of is our most natural state. It is not a blessing for the chosen few, it is our most natural state of being. All of us, no being excepted. We are all one and interconnected. It is not something ‘to reach’ or ‘strive for’ or ‘hold onto’: it is our most natural state of being. Also, this moment cannot ”flood you with so much pain” (although I must say I’m not doubting what you say because I know what it feels like). It will really help you to understand that our emotions are simply letting us know whether we are in a state of resistance to life, or a state of allowing. The degree of negative emotion letting us know the degree of resistance. So focus only on relaxing and allowing life to unfold. Enjoy imagining your world the way you would love it to be, and enjoy watching life unfold without resistance to it.

      Be like water, flow and allow, relax, let go. Treat each moment with love, acceptance, honesty, and forgiveness. Be easy on yourself and the world, be a light of love, calmness and kindness to yourself and everyone you come into contact with…

      When you feel what you describe as a wave of negative emotion flood into the present moment, treat it as old negative emotion arising: you can either resist it and suppress it back inside of you, or you can allow it to float out of you by accepting it and letting it float away when its ready. When it arises, take it as your time to lean the other way, to practice accepting and allowing :)

      Thank you for your comment, its lovely to interact.
      Namaste :)

      1. Yes, it is effortless. You don’t really have to DO anything. It is just there. The moment. :-)

        The thing is, what I tried to explain above, but it is hard to put in words, especially in English…, is that this place is not a good place at the moment for me – the moment. I can float into it, it is just that it is a place in ruins, sort of.. It is not “emotional” really – it is that actual place, where things are supposed to wash over you, that is ruined. Some sort of flow-pain, and it makes sense when you feel it, but I don’t know if it can even be imagined before you experience it… As in … this place feels like a broken record at the moment. It feels as if I have been harmed on that level, and it has reached that place that is supposed to be only mine. Read this post, it might give you an intuitive understanding of what I mean:

        I look “ugly” to myself in the moment. Like… how you are supposed to look whole and embrace yourself normally, when you are there? Now what I see there is a ruined soul. And I am very neutral about this, so this is not pain talking. It is honestly what I see, and in that state you just watch. Just as clear and real as I used to embrace life there, I now see myself as a reject of life. A soul that is not doing good to humanity, sort of. It just is.

        I know you probably think that other people cannot do this to you, that they cannot interfere with this flow, with your very being, as I thought so myself, before. You probably think I am just “outside” it, and don’t really see. Maybe. But I don’t think so. So I am not so certain anymore, that this place cannot be touched. I wonder if there actually are things that can harm that place. Maybe it will repair itself? I guess that’s what I am looking for above – to hear if you know about how to heal a harmed soul and how to repair the flow/the moment, when it has been touched by something anti-life and anti-flow.

        I really enjoy your blog, and I hope you bring joy to many people.

        Thanks for the answer. :-)

      2. Of course, it can be tricky with words to express how we feel in the very depths of our being. It helps very much to keep things simple.
        All negativity is the result of resistance, resistance to life, resistance to the present moment, resistance to how we feel, resistance to what we are experiencing. You are either (in varying degrees) in the flow of life; feeling love, appreciation, joy, happiness, freedom. Or you are in resistance; feeling negativity, pain, suffering, worry, fear, anxiety or whatever negativity. The only thing that matters is how much love you feel for yourself and life in each moment. If you feel deep love for yourself for life and for being here then you are allowing the fullness of who you really are. If you are feeling less than love then you are cutting yourself, resisting what is natural.
        Focus only on letting go of all opinions and all judgement and simply allowing life to unfold. You don’t find answers through language and thought,, you find answers through stillness, inner stillness. Simply allow everything to be, even what you’re feeling. You will begin to realise that you are beyond what you think and feel, beyond your judgements and opinions, and beyond the emotions you feel. Simply relax. Release all judgement and realise deeply that life already is.

        Thank you again for your questions.

  6. Yesterday, I started seeing myself as viscous fluid that levels bumpy surfaces. I have been seeing myself as moving fluidly like a lyrical dancer instead of erratically like lightning.

    I think that I am a recovering emotion-aholic. Roller coaster rides of emotion have worn me down. I don’t want the thrills anymore. They are too hard to recover from.

    This discovery has been a benefit of several months of debilitating exhaustion. My nature has become to welcome every experience, trusting that all is well. Waves of anxiety and sadness have become opportunities to justify time for meditation. I like my new understanding of the past several months.

    The idea of exaggerating the present moment doesn’t work for me, for then I am working too hard to control it – instead of accepting the present moment, and allowing it to be what it is.


    1. Thank you for your comment :).
      That’s great, I understand what you mean. Like you said, focus only on allowing this moment to be. Be like flowing water, flow and allow and accept whatever arises in this moment, including all emotions.
      Flow and allow :)

  7. When I receive WordPress email notifications about your posts and start reading them , my immediate thought is: “again??”. It seems that you don’t write about anything else. Which is good and not so good as repetition may fall into boredom, sometimes. Yet the timings are always right so what I make out of it is simple: thank you for reminding me (once) again. Obviously I need that. Please don’t take this as criticism, it’s not. In fact, recently I have been dealing with a situation to do with teaching forgiveness (I just wrote a post about that tonight) and believe it or not, while I was having discussions with the other person I thought of you and your blog/insights/teachings a lot! So there you are: Love & Light :)

    May you be well in all,
    Tree Spirit

    1. Yeah, I write about essentially the same essence but I enjoy writing it in many different ways. If everyone was connected to the very core of our being, I wouldn’t need too, but here we are. If I had one, my ideal scenario would be for someone to read a post that resonates with them and not need to read anymore, for that post to take them beyond to the inner freedom that they want, no longer needing anymore explanations. But if people keep asking questions I will keep writing :).
      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope all is well with you.

      1. Hi there, I’m sorry for my late comment back. I haven’t been much online lately.
        You have a valid point indeed. I hope you are well too, things are as they should be on this side ;)
        I might drop you an email shortly.
        Anyway, for now… Namaste ~~~

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