The way is love…

(Read as slowly as you possibly can.. you may begin to notice the silence all around you…)

Be love. Be love to everyone and everything you come into contact with. Forget all opinions, actions, and appearances: don’t hold anybody to anything. Just be love, just be loving and kind to everyone you come into contact with.

When you treat everyone and everything with unconditional love and acceptance then you begin to resonate deeply from your being. So focus only on being love no matter what this moment contains. Allow life to unfold naturally without resisting it. Allow people to be as they are. Focus only on being a light of love and calmness to everyone you meet and everyone around you. If you can allow that love to blossom within you, you will become of immense value to everyone you come into contact with. No longer will your state of being be dependent on the things happening to you, and so the universe will begin to mould around you. You will become the powerful and effortless creator that you are.

This moment is a magical dream. Go dream and enjoy it.

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22 thoughts on “The way is love…”

  1. I love slow reading. When I got to your words, “everything you come into,” I caught an image of moving into all that surrounds me. I’ll stop there and enjoy it a while.

  2. “Don´t try to change people around you” That really stuck. Since it´s very very true,some people do have the tendency to do so. And you won´t find inner piece by doing so, quite the contrary.
    Namaste my friend.

  3. I’m happy to meet you James by way of Diana Jackson over at “Selections of Reflections”. I can identify with your story in that at a very young age you felt there was more to this world than what we saw. I feel we’ve been on similar paths. Even now with unconditional love and raising vibrations.

    1. Hi Pat, thank you for your comment. That’s interesting, its lovely to hear from you and I look forward to following you and interacting more. Should you need anything, just get in touch.
      Namaste :)

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